N O N - P R O F I T   P I G   R E S C U E

Gracie's Acres

Our mission is to rescue, spay and neuter, and
rehabilitate unwanted and neglected pigs.

Pigs are often misunderstood. They’re naturally lean unless overfed and one of the cleanest animals around. They are sweet, loving and nurturing. They’re extremely intelligent - rated 4th below chimps, dolphins, and elephants - smarter and more trainable than cats or dogs!


Gracie's Acres is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue located in Macon County, Tennessee and is situated on just under 30 acres. The pigs in our care all come from various backgrounds, all have their own adorable personalities and are unique in their own way. We have worked with many animal control agencies to remove pigs from neglectful situations so they did not have to spend time in lock up and instead get to spend time just being a pig. At times it takes years to rehabilitate a pig that has never known love. Other times all it takes is a belly rub and saying softly “it is going to be okay now”. We strive from day one to allow them to just relax, enjoy a mud hole and realize that they are safe here.

Our “littles” are no match for our “Bigs” in personality. We have a THOUSAND pound boy, Boo who will lay down for belly rubs in 2 seconds flat. Then there is Baby who was viciously attacked by dogs. She lost both ears and an eye in the attack but you would never know her struggles upon first meeting. She doesn’t hesitate LOUDLY to tell you to pay attention to her. Then along comes Honey with most of her bottom jaw missing and she will demand the same amount of love as everyone else. And so many many more...