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Easy 3-Step Process to Begin Sponsoring a Pig:

Read this in entirety before clicking
HERE to proceed:

1) Once you click the link above, enter:
$25.00 for a mini pig, or
$50.00 for a GENTLE GIANT.

2) Check the "Make this a monthly donation" box just below where you entered your amount, click "Next", and complete the steps to submit your payment.

CONTACT US so that we can begin our correspondence with you! We will need your name and email address to start, as well as any other contact information you'd like to provide, and we'll be in touch!



Our monthly sponsorship program allows you to select a  special pig of your choice to assist with monthly care and help with our costs.


Sponsoring is a great way to help a pig in need and contribute to their needed supplies including feed and medical care. 

For just $25/month to sponsor one of our mini pigs and $50/month to sponsor one of our GENTLE GIANTS, we will provide you with an introductory picture of the pig you have chosen along with an explanation on how they arrived at Gracie's Acres. Your sponsorship will then allow you to check in with us at any time to see how your pig is doing. While we appreciate your understanding that tending to so many is extremely time consuming, we will also try our very best to send you a new picture of your piggy every month.

After all, we couldn't do this without your help!

So just complete our sponsorship 1-2-3 below and start sponsoring today!

Mini Pigs


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