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Teacup pigs and micro pigs do NOT exist. Despite what you may have heard, there are simply no such pigs. The thought of a tiny adult pig is adorable and people, especially breeders, have been known to take advantage of this by leading people to believe they are selling them fully grown tiny adults.


What are passed off as these are really underfed and inbred potbellied pigs. Buyers are told to feed them a very restricted diet which unfortunately leads to malnourishment and a host of health problems.


The buyer is then surprised when their pig grows way larger than what they expected. As a result, they often cannot handle the consequences of growth and size nor the responsibility that comes along with it. Fed properly, potbellied pigs can get up to 100 pounds or heavier, with 150 pounds about average (depending on height and other factors)! So aside from not having the space and right environment to raise it compared to what they had thought (not to mention that many jurisdictions don't even allow pigs on property not approved for farm animals), the amount of food they'll need to feed it, and more extensive veterinary bills than foreseen due to health issues, people give them up.


Aside from starvation as a form of abuse, obesity from neglect is also a very big issue. We have been taking in so many pigs that weigh 300 pounds or more and who are "fat blind" (so large that they cannot see), that it's devastating.

Around the rescue we refer to any of our pigs less than 300 pounds as "pots" or "minis" because those heavier than that are usually obese (which is just as bad as starvation). But for adoption purposes we designate our 80-150 pounds pigs as "mini pigs" compared to our bigger babies, because even 80-100 pounds is still a rather small "normal" pig. (Despite our loose use of the term "mini", it is a stark contrast from abnormally tiny pigs deemed "teacups" or "micro pigs".)


From these to countless other abandoned, abused or otherwise needy pigs, Gracie’s Acres has MANY available to choose from, as well as siblings or families for you multiples adopters out there! The average pig lives 15-20 years so if you're able to give your time and love for the kind of a commitment that will see them through, please CONTACT US or visit our sanctuary to find out more if you are interested in adopting. Nothing makes me happier than when our loved ones find their forever home where they will enrich your life and you theirs. Adopting out is my favorite thing to do!

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