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Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue, spay and neuter and rehabilitate (when needed) unwanted and neglected pigs.

How We've Helped


Rosalita was found running around a Walmart parking lot in Clarksville,TN. A bystander said a man was selling pigs out of his truck and at the end of the night when she was the only piglet left he set her free in the parking lot to fend for herself. Luckily a special person saved her and brought her to us at Gracie’s Acres. She was adopted in December and is living the most spoiled life!!!!


Flower was found by animal control and taken to an animal hospital. She had no use of her back legs. They assumed she had been hit by a car but after xrays it was found she had been shot. How could anyone do harm to this sweet baby.


"The neglect changes you.
The abuse hardens you....
The suffering breaks you.
The ignorance angers you.
The indifference disturbs you.
The injustice destroys you.
On a daily basis…your faith will be tested.
Your heart will be wounded....
Your soul will be altered.
On a weekly basis…you’ll question yourself.
You’ll question your strength.
You’ll question the world.
On a monthly basis…you’ll fall down.
You’ll get up.
You’ll go on…
On a yearly basis…you’ll look back…
You’ll see faces…
You couldn’t save them.
You’ll learn to mourn.
To grieve.
To sob.
You’ll learn to trust a little less.
To do a little more.
To fight a little harder.
You’ll learn to try.
To hope.
To pray.
You’ll learn to fail.
To succeed.
To accept.
You’ll learn when to hold on.
When to give up.
When to let go.
You’ll learn who you are.
What you stand for.
Why that matters.
Then… at times… you’ll forget why you matter.
You’ll question what you’re doing.
You’ll wonder if it’s worth it.
But…here’s the good news…
When you forget…
When you question…
When you wonder…
All you have to do…
Is take a look around…
And you’ll see them.
You’ll see their faces.
You’ll see their smiles.
You’ll feel their love.
In their eyes, you’ll see their journeys…
You’ll remember their beginnings…You’ll know how far they’ve come…
You’ll remember when they didn’t know you…
When they didn’t trust you…When they’d given up.
You’ll remember how you healed them…
How you loved them…How they loved you, too.
And as you look back…
You’ll want to move forward…
For them… and because of them.
In your darkest hours, you’ll look around…To find the differences made…the hope given…and the lives saved…
Because you existed.
In those moments, when you look into their eyes…every doubt will be erased.
Every question will be answered.
Every worry will subside.
Because in that instant…in each of your hearts…
You both share the very same thought:
“Every bit of pain was worth it…for this moment here with you.”
And honestly…no matter what else happens…
Those moments hold all the strength you need…
To keep going.
Rescue is pain.
Rescue is joy.
Rescue is worth it…because they are worth it.
And that’s the honest truth."
                                     ---Author unknown.

Meet Gertie!

Gertie the pig was found by an animal control officer who was sent to a residence of Judy Smith in Tennessee as a follow up about animals in poor conditions they received complaints about. After an inspection, the animal control officer saw none of the animals had food or water, he called a veterinarian out to check the animals and to give a report of their overall health. Five days later, the vet was able to see the animals. While that veterinarian was there, they both noticed a stench in the air and upon further inspection of the pig, it was found that her collar was embedded into her neck and this area was severely infected. The veterinarian gave the approval to remove the pig and the miniature horse from the property. Both Gertie and the horse were removed. Much to their surprise, Gertie gave birth shortly after she was brought to the animal control center, sadly all the piglets passed away as did the miniature horse, who wasn't able to recover from the obvious neglect he sustained.  Gertie is now at her forever home, Gracie's Acres, 

Meet Baby!

Baby was from the same shelter as Gertie. She was saved after sitting there for 10 days with no vet care. One ear gone, one still attached and one eye ruptured. We picked her up and took her to my vet at 10:30 pm, where she had surgery the next day. She had been attacked by a dog. She is now deaf but as you can see, she’s safe and happy with us!!! 

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